Sunday, November 14, 2010

True Confessions

We took the kids to see Megamind tonight -- not too bad, they liked it.  Milo especially liked the soundtrack, which made me happy because I'm thinking that it might be nice to have something in the car besides the Glee soundtracks (that make me crazy, thank you daddy).  So maybe Santa will bring that his way this year.

However, the study of good and evil had an unintended effect on the poor munchkin.  As he drifted off to sleep in the car, the need to confess suddenly came upon him.  He started sniffling, as he choked out a tale of woe about trying to throw a pine cone at a tree, missing and harming another student.  He continued on about bumping into a classmate and knocking him over.  His little face crumpled and the tears spilled.  "They were accidents and I felt so bad, mom..."

"Oh, honey, what made you think to tell us this tonight?"

"I just thought you should know.  I'm bad, too..."

"Oh, love, you are NOT bad.  Everyone has accidents and feels sad about it, that's why they are accidents."

I squeezed his little hand tightly, feeling the tears fall on the back of my hand.  He stopped sniffling and said, "I did nice things to make sure they were OK.  I said I was sorry and tried to help them..."

"It's OK, sweetheart, everyone bumps into someone.  Daddy bumps into me and I'm fine, he says he's sorry and it's OK."

I'm not sure he wholly believed us.  He was still a little tearful as I snuggled him to bed.  So was I.  There are some accidents that can't be fixed with, "I'm sorry."  I hope he never sees those.

And so tonight I'll go to bed with a heavy heart.  Sigh...  Why is this the toughest part of parenting?

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