About Me

Although I was born just over the border in Minnesota, I have lived in Iowa most of my life. I attended the University of Northern Iowa, where I received a B.A. in Secondary Speech and Theatre Education with an English Education minor. I work as the program assistant for the Berry Center for Economics, Business, and Public Policy at Cornell College.

I started blogging three years ago because I was falling woefully behind in keeping up with my kids' baby books, plus my handwriting is illegible (even to me). My kids are aged 6, 4 and the twins were born in April of 2011.

My blog, Soup: Midwestern Mama Cooking Up Life in the Heartland, won the Best Humor Blog Award in the Scholastic Parent and Child 2010 Parent Blogger Awards and was featured in the print edition of the magazine.

What else? I have been happily married to the same man since 1996. My favorite band is U2, I think "Phineas and Ferb" is hilarious, I used to figure skate, and I have never used a tanning bed. I love sushi, red wine, chocolate, and popcorn. Maybe even in the same meal.