The Moment a Mother is Born

When was the first time you felt, deep in your core, that you truly became a mother?  Was is the instant you saw two pink lines on your pregnancy test?  The moment you heard your baby's heartbeat?  Seeing your wee one on an ultrasound?  The birth of your baby?  The first time your child said, "Mama?"

I'm interested in finding that out and have a proposition for you all!  From now until Mother's Day, I would love to feature a guest poster weekly (or more often, depending on how many people respond) who can write about the moment she became a mother for a series that I'll be calling, "The Moment a Mother is Born."  Your stories can be about whatever you feel is the defining moment of motherhood in your life.  They can be heartwarming, funny, poignant, sad, joyful, silly... whatever sums you up as a mom!

March 22, 2012: The Moment a Mother Is Born: Jeanette
April 5, 2012: The Moment a Mother is Born: Jennifer R.

** Once I start putting up posts, they will forever be linked to this page.

Why would you want to do this?
  1. Well, guest posting on another blog is a great way to increase your followers. 
  2. Moms love reading about the moment other mothers are born.
  3. I'll accept submissions even if you don't have a blog -- so if there is a single story you want to tell, but haven't the desire to maintain a blog, this is the time!
  4. My writing life is suddenly very full and I'm feeling the need to connect -- really connect -- with other awesome moms out there.  I hope you feel like that, too.
  5. I've been striking out when submitting guest posts elsewhere, so I decided to bring guest posts here instead! When all else fails, host your own party!

What are the steps you need to do to to be included?
  1. Email me your interest at themama@iasoupmama(dot)com.  Please put "The Moment a Mother is Born" in the email header and give me your contact info so that I can be in touch with you regarding scheduling your post.
  2. When the time comes to submit your post, please make sure you give me a link to your blog (if you have one).
  3. You may include up to three photos, if you'd like.
  4. On the day your post is featured, please put my lovely "The Moment a Mother is Born" button in a post on your blog and make sure to link back to me so your followers can read what you've written.
  5. Promote your post through your favorite social media outlets.  (I'll email you the button code when I send you your posting date).
  6. And, finally, consider me for a reciprocal guest post on your blog.  Your participation will not be affected if you choose to not offer me a guest post, I promise!
I will only make edits to your submission for spelling/grammar reasons.  Please know that my audience is wide, but I generally try to avoid blatantly vulgar material.  Please don't submit something you wouldn't read to your grandmother...

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