Monday, November 15, 2010


Little Miss Violet has been such a funny muffin lately.  She's been the snuggliest I've seen her since she stopped nursing and she is fascinated by my ever-expanding belly, frequently lifting my shirt to blow raspberries on it, then erupting into gales of giggles.

Out of nowhere, she has decided that she wants to keep her hair out of her face, which has me singing "Finally!"  For almost 18 months I have been trying to get her to wear her hair in a clip or something so it isn't in her eyes.  Now she's come around to the idea and has wanted me to do something with her hair the last four days.

She's also decided that, despite the fact that she has not one, but TWO winter coats that fit her, she only wants to wear Milo's hand-me-down Carhartt.  So yesterday when we went to the movies we went with two kids in Carhartt names Milo.  If anyone had been paying attention, I'm sure it would have seemed odd.

She has also begin drawing with a purpose -- she makes family portraits of us and I just LOVE them.  There are eyes, a nose, and a mouth and two legs.  Sometimes she draws a circle for a face, sometimes she doesn't.  Sometimes she draws hair and ears, too, but never a body or arms.  Most interesting, she changes the facial expression, telling me, "I'm sad in this one because Tabi died" as she points to a face with a frown.  Either that or she makes the face, then fills in the back story -- in either case, I think it's awesome that she's trying to interpret emotion already.

She's been a little bit of a stinker in regard to food lately, eating a few bites of a meal, then proclaiming that her "tummy is sooooo full."  As soon as her plate is cleared, she asks for a piece of Halloween candy.  Fortunately, it appears that she's down to about 10 pieces of candy left, so hopefully this quirk will end soon.

My favorite thing that she's done in the last few weeks was to insist that I lift my shirt and scrunch the maternity panel in my pants down so that she could share her stickers with the babies.  This meant that my belly was covered with an odd assortment of princess, Star Wars, and merit (Good Job!  Great Work!) stickers, which she found delightful.  Little did she know that my sensitive skin kept the impressions of these stickers for two days after I removed them.

Right now, everything seems to be pretty good in her world -- you might say that it's three-tastic!

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Rhonda Schrock said...

I LOVE the stickers-on-the-tummy idea. And huge, huge congratulations! I remember praying for you when you were walking through the dark days of infertility. Want me to stop now???? :) (cracking up)