Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Pregnant Woman Every Woman Hates

I had a pretty lazy day today.  Well, I did vacuum my entire house (minus basement and attic) and do five loads of laundry.  And entertain my kids and Milo's best bud.  But other than that -- completely lazy.  The week was a crazy one, with a major event happening in my department, leaving it so that Tuesday was the only evening where Scott and I were both home.

Thankfully, some of my energy has returned.  I'm still darn tired, but no longer so tired that I can barely function after a full day of work.  Just in time!  With Scott gone four evenings and most of the day today, I needed to have at least my B+ game back. 

I am always a little ashamed to admit that, other than exhaustion and breast tenderness, I am the pregnant woman every other pregnant woman hates.  I'm happy, comfy, and generally not an emotional wreck.  I don't complain, don't barf, and don't count down the days until I'm done.  Especially with this, my last pregnancy, I want to enjoy the moments that I can before I'm the exhausted mother of four kids five and under.

I've been known to shrink behind a magazine in the waiting room at the OB where the other women commiserate over swollen ankles and constipation, wearing a pair of two and a half inch pumps because I was at work before the appointment.  There was only one symptom in both of my first two pregnancies that caused me pain -- with Milo, I had some constant round ligament pain at about 24 weeks right before I popped and looked pregnant and with Violet, my pubic bone decided to stretch early and I spent three weeks barely able to walk to the car after work.  As soon as I switched to sitting on an exercise ball at the office, everything was fine.  That was at about 28 weeks with her.

I have no idea what this pregnancy hols for me yet as I haven't been pregnant with twins before.  I don't know if I'll be allowed or able to work right up until my due date this time.  I don't know if I can avoid swelling and water retention this time.  Or pre-term labor.  Or constant heartburn.  I do know that I'll do the best I can for as long as I can and enjoy as much as possible since this will be the last time I get to cradle life in my womb.


Sarah in CT said...

I am the same way... I feel almost guilty that I haven't had my head in a toilet the past few weeks. Some nausea, but not bad at all. I walked to and from the library and bank today, and raked a backyard of leaves. I'm thankful for the ease, so far. Emma came at 38.5 weeks, right around the time when I was finally feeling like I was tired of being pregnant. No fair. We'll see how this time around goes... :)

vanita said...

it's funny, as i read your post and Sarah's comment, I realize I can't remember if I had morning sickness with Damian. Probably not, because my morning sickness with Natasha was so awful that I knew I was having another girl. There was no way a son would do this to me. I remember the swollen ankles, but not much else. I don't know who said it to me, but someone once told me, that if women remembered every single thing about how tiring and gross and painful pregnancy and labor and delivery could be, there'd be no such thing as siblings.