Monday, August 18, 2008


SO it is completely clear to me that blogging on the weekend isn't gonna happen with any sort of regularity. Too much going on and, honestly, I don't wanna spend any more time away from my babes, even if they are in the room and playing while I type away. Yep, only lunch-time blogging for me.

Today my entire building smells like ammonia. The college has subcontracted a different cleaning service and they came through, guns a-blazing this morning. They vacuumed outside my office door for an eternity, though they didn't come in to my office to clean. As soon as they were done, the grounds crew took up mowing outside my window. It has not been a quiet morning around here. My supervisor took a quick peak at what I've gotten done on my assignment for the week and likes what I'm doing, so yay for that! And I'm now making popcorn as a mid-morning snack.

I had a very sleepy weekend. Very -- as in took a nap with Milo on Saturday afternoon -- very nice to snuggle him for a while. And then took two naps yesterday -- one shortly after waking, and one after going to the pool. My vertigo was acting up and I just couldn't keep my dang eyes open for anything. I sure felt like a schmuck when Milo came bounding into the room to tell me that he'd pooped on his little potty and I almost opened an eye while I hugged him tightly for congratulations. I don't know what was up with me, but I clearly needed all of that sleep as I had no trouble falling asleep either Saturday after one nap, nor last night after two naps.

Violet took 5-6 steps between myself and Scott, and as many as 12 steps later. She is very skilled at righting herself from sitting to standing without assistance -- she doesn't pull up to get to standing, but stands on her own. I don't remember Milo doing that before he'd been walking for a while. She's got really, really good balance and will likely run as soon as she has the confidence to walk across the room. She runs when she walks holding you hands, so I think she just thinks she needs to be FAST always.

Milo woke Scott twice last night to use the toilet. Which is good. Well, good that he used the toilet, not that he woke daddy. Daddy doesn't do very well when he hasn't had a full night of sleep. Neither does Milo -- daycare drop off this morning was rough. I really don't want him to get into the habit of rough drop-offs... Hopefully he'll take a good nap this afternoon and perk up. I think we'll all go to bed early tonight...

I had a crazy ice-dance lesson on Saturday morning. I re-learned the Dutch waltz pattern and can almost get it on the rink at the right size -- if I'm skating on two feet. The first time we were set to skate it to music, Barb, the lovely older ice dancer, came whizzing up to me and grabbed me to partner. Well, I wasn't expecting it and didn't want to, but she wouldn't let go of me -- d'oh!! I stumbled through the dance, mostly on beat, but not on pattern. My legs are longer than hers and I was totally afraid to commit to an edge for fear of tripping her. She'd flattened out the pattern a lot and I was majorly frustrated. My coach told me she was actually impressed because I didn't go to pieces and got most of the steps in, even though I was flummoxed.

Well, now I've spilled popcorn on my office floor -- so much for clean....

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