Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I got so dang busy yesterday at lunch defending myself online to post a blog. That's pretty bad...

What is is about the internet that brings out the crazy in people? I was (admittedly) a little snippy in a response, but with all the intensity of a fly and the reaction I got was a tank -- not a flyswatter. Whatever...

Violet is walking now. Milo has a cold, boo hiss.. Poor kid coughs himself silly every time he gets a runny nose... His little voice is hoarse and it's kinda cute, but I hope he feels better soon. And Violet is walking now. Like 8 feet across the room when no one's looking. Did I tell you the Violet is walking now???

I did get on the elliptical yesterday and can feel it in my legs. Not today, though, as I went to the sitter's to watch the kids while she took her son to preschool for the first time. Good gravy... I managed to get two to sleep, but not Milo. Oh, no... he kept asking me "Are they asleep yet? Can I get up yet??" Made me bonkers... The sitter put Violet down and the 14 month old boy. He screamed from the time she left until I went up and got him, then he settled down in my lap, so I took him up again and MORE SCREAMING... this time he woke Violet. Sitter came home and Milo, Violet and the 14 month old boy and I were all in the kitchen, trying to be quiet while the others slept. Guess I'm not cut out for daycare... It seemed pretty obvious that the 14 month old has been rocked or snuggled to sleep -- he was calm resting on me, but the instant I made for the steps, he lost it. Zoiks!!

Violet nursed a bit, but she looked pretty sleepy... hopefully the sitter got her back to sleep. She'd had a stinky little poop when she woke upstairs -- I think that's what got her fully awake when the other toddler was screaming -- I think without the stinky poo, she might have slept.

What does this mean? I really, really like my own kiddos... and don't need to watch other people's kids for too long, LOL!

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