Monday, January 17, 2011

Minivan Nation

So, how does a family with a surprise fourth on the way handle transportation?

Well, by buying a fourth vehicle.

Oh, just as we were planning on three kids, we were planning on three vehicles: a kid-hauler, a car for Scott, and a weekend-project truck. And we still have all of that, plus a 2001 yellow Saturn SC2 with 144,000 miles and needing a clutch. Why? because the trade in value was next to nothing on it and we thought that we might be able to sell it for something on Craigslist. Seriously -- there's gotta be some U of I student wanting to drive around a bitchin' yellow coupe with a Homer Simpson decal on it, right?

Oh, yeah -- this means we're joining the minivan nation. Our purchase was a 2010 Kia Sedona with 30 miles on it. The most brand-new car we could afford right now. It has few bells and whistles, but we don't really need those things -- we need a vehicle that can hold four kids in four car seats for the next five years or so. Once all of the kids are in school, we'll junk my Jetta and I'll hand down the Kia to Scott for a more luxurious model of minivan-ness. Like a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey. But for right now, a shiny black Kia it is.

Our intention was to check out the selection at the local Kia dealer, but they were offering a $2500 Kia rebate, doubled by the dealer, plus 1/2 off the extended 10 year or 100,000 mile warranty. So we ended up buying. Our salesman didn't tell us, but the sales manager did, but we were his first sale ever. And we were so easy -- all he had to do was get the payment where we wanted it and we were going to sign. We need the space,plain and simple.

It was funny, though, when he brought back the first financing option with a 10% apr. I looked at it and said, "You haven't run this with our real credit scores, have you?"

When he did, it came back with a 3.69% apr. Much better.

So far, the kids love it because the windows are tinted (no more squinting because of the sun) and they are both sitting up higher, so they can see more. Neither is too thrilled about sitting in the third row, but, as the "big kids," they're gonna have to do it. We might have to get them a walkie-talkie to keep back there so we can hear them, though, LOL! For some reason, the voices that seem so loud when you're trying to be quiet are barely audible in a car. Why is that?

So now we've got a minivan, two infant car seats, and a bunch of cloth diapers and covers. And I just ordered 40 pounds of Rockin' Green detergent to get them prepped. Next up: I really have to start sewing the crib bedding I've partially cut. And then we'll need to figure out what to do with the futon so that we can get to painting in the nursery. Oh, yeah -- I'll need to buy the paint. And a lamp. And a mirror (I like mirrors in all bedrooms). And Scott will have to bring down all of the baby clothes from the attic so I can start washing and sorting and hanging. So more baby hangers, too. And I need new breast pump tubes as mine are all gunky.

Oh, yeah -- I'll also need to be pregnant for another 14 weeks... Can't forget that part!


Skittl1321 said...

Congrats on the new car!

the laughing librarian said...

We have a 2008 Kia Sedona with tons of bells and whistles and we LOVE it! As a matter of fact, I told the hubster just the other day that I didn't care how long we'd have to pay on it, the heated seats and power hatch alone it worth it! lol!