Thursday, January 20, 2011

24 weeks and 3 days

That's how far along the twins and I are. They are both doing beautifully -- decided to be very active when doc was trying to find their heart rates this morning, kicking the Doppler and making us all laugh.

The stats for this week's appointment: mama has gained about 3 pounds in two weeks. That's the way it should be with twins -- about a pound and a half a week, so yay for finally gaining! I'm up a whopping 8 pounds from my start weight, so my belly is getting larger and my pants are still falling off. Said belly is measuring 33 weeks, so 9-ish weeks ahead. BP was lovely -- 122/68 and my urine dip was fine, too.

Next appointment, I have the glucose tolerance test, an ultrasound, and an OB appointment all in about 1 1/2 hours. We hope. Otherwise there will be some very confused little boys standing outside the school when we fail to pick them up on time.

We've been doing some window shopping, too, for gear for the babies (and some for me). I'd really like to get a new breastfeeding pillow -- My Breast Friend makes one designed for twins, but first up will be a Snoogle pillow as my poor hips are screaming at me every night, no matter what I do and, though I am toting an almost-done belly, I'm not really almost done. There are still 13ish weeks left and that's a pretty long time to sleep like poo, if you ask me.

For the twins, we're looking at this stuff:

Bouncy seats -- we had one for Milo and Violet, but a nephew who weighed about three times the weight limit sort of sat on it when it was at Grandma and Grandpa's for a baby cousin to use and the result is that it's pretty much flattened. So we're in the market for a couple of new bouncy seats. I don't know that they have to match -- might be more fun if they each have different bells and whistles.

High chairs -- we have a nice big one on wheels that we used for both Milo and Violet, but were eyeballing a couple of high chairs that strap to existing chairs, simply because they would take up less room. And, two of them is about the price of a big rolly one, anyway. Plus, they convert to boosters, so we wouldn't need buy upgrades for when the girls get bigger.

Jumparoo -- we skipped this one when our kids were little since there was one at daycare, but the twins will be spending half of the time at daycare, at least compared to Milo and Violet, and I'll want to have options to keep two of them entertained, so I think I'd like to add a Jumparoo to our inventory.

We're debating a couple of other things for now, but I'm drawing a blank about what (for now). Maybe I'll remember tomorrow. Then again, maybe I won't -- I did show up on Wednesday for a prenatal appointment that was actually scheduled for Thursday. D'oh!

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Mrs Redboots (Annabel Smyth) said...

Don't get those high chairs that attach to the table - big mistake! I know they take up less room, but my daughter is regretting hers, and planning to buy a proper high chair for the Boy, who has gone back to being fed in his bumbo, as he really doesn't like the attachable chair, plus it doesn't have a wipe-clean tray....

He has just got a Jumparoo and adores it!