Friday, December 3, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

OK, this is one of those posts that might not really, necessarily be about what I really WANT, more about what I could really use for the upcoming year.


Lots and lots of diapers.  Two little bum's worth of diapers and related products.
So, here's my wish list, in case there's anyone out there (ahem, Secret Santa) who thinks getting me diapers for Christmas sounds like a super idea.

1.  All-in-one diapers for day care.  I don't want my poor sitter having to work too hard to keep my babies tushies in eco and wallet friendly cloth.  After all, she's not just changing MY kids' diapers.  Here are some that I think I'd like:  Sposo-Easy All-in-One Diapers  with snaps, I think.  I've heard that the hook-and-loop ones are sometimes a pain.  Probably 8 each of the small and medium sized diapers.  That way I have enough for four diaper changes each at day care -- where they'll be for four hours a day.  I plan to tote them there and back, washing daily.

2.  Cloth diapers.  These look nice and soft and absorbent:  Cloth-eez Pre-Fold diapers  I'm thinking a couple dozen in each size – newborn, small, medium, and large.  This looks like it would get my twins through age 3 or so.

3.  Diaper covers.  To contain the pre-fold diapers.  Again, I'm looking at snap covers.  Thirsties Duo-Wraps seem to have gotten pretty good reviews, so let's start there!  I think I'd need maybe 8 in each size, maybe 12 if I wanted to do laundry every other day.

4.  A diaper pail.  That's pretty self explanatory.

5.  Wet bags.  Another one that seems pretty easy to locate.  Bonus points for finding a totally cute fabric one so I don't feel like a garbage man as I carry it to and fro...  Here are some examples.

6.  Diaper laundry detergent.  My cloth-diapering friends all SWEAR by Rockin Green and I've ordered sample for my regular laundry and love it.  Phosphate free, so good for my septic system.  I'm guessing we'd need the Hard Rock variety, but I'd be incredibly interested in the Ammonia Bouncer, Pail Freshener, and Dryer Balls, too.  Rage Against the Raspberries was my favorite scent.

It took a small amount of convincing to get Scott on board with this -- he remembers the days of cloth diapers with diaper pins and other torture devices.  But putting this expense all up front with basically just laundry soap for maintenance costs just seemed so much more economical than buying five boxes of diapers a month for the next two-three years.  Not to mention that I think I’ve gone greener living out in the country – I’ve been using shampoo bars and handmade soaps to reduce the plastic of shampoo/conditioner and body wash bottles.  I recycle everything I can think to recycle and try to avoid buying foods that are more preservative than food.  I think this next step just makes sense for us at this point.

So, if any of you experienced cloth-diapering parents out there have any advice, I’d be more than willing to hear it!  Drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know if I’ve missed anything here…

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jessica said...

hey (since you asked for comments) your blog is really cute!
great that you are having twins!
I have twin girls also and have a cloth diaper stash to unload if you are interested...