Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, I can admit to my many crazy issues -- well, most of them aren't really crazy or really OCD, but some are a little strange.  Why am I writing this today?  Because I feel that the other creatures inhabiting my house are trying to sabotage my sanity my messing with my head in little ways.

Like yanking the sheets and blankets in such a way that they don't all line up, folded neatly under my chin with the flat sheet holding the fold together like a sandwich.  So every night I straighten my bed, getting it all smooth and ready for sleep and every morning I wake and it is a tossed salad instead of a sandwich. 

But, more importantly, is the closets.  Although, given my housekeeping skills, you might doubt it, but I like an organized closet.  Really, I do!  I like all of the short sleeved shirts together, the long sleeved shirts together, the sweaters, the pants, the skirts and the dresses all separated so that it's really easy to tell what I'm looking at when I select my wardrobe for the day.  Or the kids' clothes for the day.

I know it is impolitic to complain about someone helping you with housework, but I'm gonna do it anyway.  Love my hubby, can't stand that he can wreck a closet simply by picking out what the kids wear for the day.  Oh, I let him have his own closet any way he wants it, though I don't understand how the shirts keep from sliding off the hangers if you don't button at least the top button, but that's his deal, not mine.

Anyway, I have a very simple system in place so that I don't have to scour every closet looking for hangers come laundry day -- I put the empty hanger on the front of the closet pole.  Eventually there is a happy little family of empty hangers there and I grab the whole lot of them knowing that I usually have only a couple of extra hangers per closet, so I'll be hanging up roughly the same number of garments as I have free hangers.

However, when helpful daddy grabs clothes for the kids, he leaves the empty hanger in the same spot where it was hanging when full.  As a result I need to spend a few precious seconds sifting through the clothes to come up with the right number of hangers for the load I'm about to hang.  OK, this isn't really a HUGE deal, but it also isn't really a HUGE deal to move the darn hanger.  After all, you have to take the hanger off the pole to get the garment off anyway, right? 

So those are two of my goofy idiosyncrasies.  What are yours?

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chgomomx3 said...

There isn't enough room on the world wide web to explain all my issues just dealing with laundry...