Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gracias, Mi Amigos!

In the quiet cold of January, I sat restless, feeling complacent, tedious, and dull.  I wasn't sure what my next move was, didn't know where the road was going.  The winter fog surrounded me like middle-age complacency and I was lost.

A thought danced around the edge of my mind, I flirted with if, then pushed it away in a cat-and-mouse game.  Finally, it spoke so loudly that I had no choice but to listen.  It said, "Take your blog public.  Share and connect with others.  Reach out using your voice..."

And I did.

In the last year I have shared triumphs and disappointments, laughter and sorrow.  I write honestly, which can be both brutal and hilarious -- sometimes hilariously brutal.

I am not the best blogger out there and I don't aim to be that.  I'm not the funniest, the most relevant, the most heart-rending, the -est of anything.  I'm not the best writer, the best self-promoter, the most interesting.  I am me and that's good enough for, well, me.

I have been so fortunate that in this exploration I have encountered only support, that I have formed friendships and made connections.  That I feel tapped into a larger part of my world and that I can share something extraordinary with you.

Why am I writing this today?

Over the weekend I hit a milestone I never figured I'd see.  It seems small, but for me it is huge -- I have 100 people following me through Google friend connect.  That's 91 more than when I first started out.  I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support, kindness and good thoughts.  They are so much appreciated!  I hope to continue to build upon this relationship and hope that you are interested in watching my journey unfold.

Gracias, mi amigos!


WildThingsMom said...

Babe, somedays it's your blog that allows me to let my children live. =) I have enjoyed this journey with you, and I look forward to what will come. Please, don't ever stop.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Aren't blogging milestones so exciting - and 100, that's a big deal! Congrats!

Brittany at Mommy Words said...

Congrats! These milestones are meaningful! The numbers don;t really matter but I know that each new follower is exciting and makes me even more excited to post and to interact and to become a bigger part of this world. Yay for 100! Keep truckin' sweetie!

vanita said...

even without meaning to be, you're still a great writer and i've enjoyed every word. keep rockin' mama!