Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Revolutionary Cries: Down with Summer!!

Some things are just plain unfair.  Like rain-on-my-parade unfair.  Like the-green-with-envy-Grinch unfair.  Like...

Being the first one awake each and every morning.  We all know that I am the one to attend to the dogs first thing in the morning because I am the only adult in the house who can a) hear them bark and b) wake up with enough coordination  to make it down the stairs safely at 5:45 a.m.  This is nothing new for me -- for the last 14 years I have headed into work by 8 AM.  I don't really have an issue with getting up early.

Except when it is following a late evening.  And, since it is summer time and my children and husband have the luxury of sleeping until whenever they want the next morning, our evening activities and bedtimes have been pushing later and later into the night.  When we go to the pool in the evening, we don't even get home until 8:15, by the time the kids have a snack and get to bed, we're pushing 9:15 -- especially since my newly-confident (read: extra sassy) son protests, "We can't go to bed yet -- the moon isn't even up!"

After getting the wee ones to bed, Scott and I generally snuggle up next to each other with a popcorny snack and watch something we've Netflixed or can stream through the Wii.  Yes, in addition to some really goofy stuff, you can stream some good stuff.  Or, in his case, every bad horror movie known to zombiehood.

Then you add in the whole still-trying-to-conceive business and I'm not getting to sleep until midnight.  On a work night, oh the horror!  You see, I have lulled myself into believing that I can function well on almost six hours of sleep a night.  I'm only working 4-hour days right now, right? 

In theory, that sounds like it should work.  But those four hours are only my office time, I'm not fooling anyone by saying those are the only hours I work.  I work all dang day!  There's the never-ending laundry pile, daily vacuuming of dog fur, cooking, cleaning, kid-raising...  I can't do this on a mere six hours of sleep!

I am a cranky mama lately, impatient and short-tempered.  I yawn all day and nod off when sitting still for too long.  I yearn for a nap...  I think I *might* be able to blame it on the Clomid, but that's a stretch.  The real culprit is summer.  Viva la school year!!!


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I do this too. I try to convince myself that DaVinci only functioned on 4 hours a day so 6 hours should be plenty. But it's not. Just leave the laundry or the vacuuming for a bit and cut yourself some slack. Serious. You need a break.

The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

Haha!! Vive L'Ecole indeed!!

Being the mom means working 24/7 - PLUS you work out of the house an extra 4 hours a day...time to share the *joy* of running the household...?


Carrie said...

Phew! I'm so there with you honey...minus the clomid and trying to conceive. I have been an absolute grouch lately and was just going to blog about it! LOL! I thought perhaps it would help get it out of my system. Honestly..*shhhh* I'm ready for school to start, too!

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Oh honey, I do the same. Mamas need so much more sleep than we get! I'm sorry it's rough, just know I'm right there with you! Zzzzzzz, oh, sorry! I feel asleep for a second...that happens sometimes.

IASoupMama said...

Aww, thank you! Believe it or not, my hubby does pitch in a bunch -- he does all of the yardwork (on an acre of land), the "dirty" jobs that make me gag, and he tends the chickens, too. He cooks and tidies, but is kind of oblivious to when stuff needs a deep cleaning. And he's daddy daycare while I work in the summer!

No, I think we just need a staff: maid, chef, and gardener...