Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Forgive me, dear blog, for I have been ignoring you. Not intentionally, but those big forces that are LIFE have been pulling me in many other directions and it has been a lo-o-o-ong week 'round these parts.

My loving and wonderful grandmother passed away at the age of 86 on Sunday, February 13. She was adored by her children and grandchildren and will be missed for a very long time. Her health had been deteriorating rapidly since Christmas, so I had made several unplanned trips to my hometown to visit her in the last two months. To be sure, I will miss her very much, but I know that the relationship I had with her was always positive and that there are absolutely no unresolved issues, so i am at peace with her passing. Love you, Grandma!

After much back and forth about a eulogy, my brother volunteered to read it, but only if no one else wanted to. Knowing what a tenderheart my brother is, I quickly said that I would do it because, even hugely pregnant, I was pretty sure that I could do it without falling apart. I accepted contributions from my brother, sister, and a cousin and started writing, just hoping that I would represent everyone and touch on all of the relationships my grandma had in her life. I knew it would be impossible to put in every memory and thought, but I hoped to give a good picture of someone so loved. And, I did not fall apart reading it, though I was nervous and nearly knocked the podium over with my belly.

Speaking of the belly, the girls had a growth spurt between weeks 26 and 28. I gained 3 pounds (for an overall gain of 9 pounds) and my belly went from 36cm to 41cm. My doctor joked, "You're due!" While at our appointment, we discussed a tubal ligation if I was already open and on the table for a c-section. If not, I think that Scott should have to take one for the team here since I'll have been pregnant five times and carried and delivered four children. We're definitely done.

Then, to top off the not-so-fun trip to my hometown for the funeral this weekend, my darling Milo came down with a case of strep throat. Poor kid was out of his mind with the fever, deliriously crying and saying things that made no sense -- like, "I need to clean the trees, they're such a mess!" Seems that my son runs a fever like I do. That means it doesn't need to get that high for him to be really out of it, poor baby. I slept next to him for two nights because we were in a hotel and he was confused.

He begged me to take a bath with him, so I did. Scott and Violet had run to Target to escape the hotel room, and when he returned, he came upon us in the tub -- Milo's sweaty little head resting on my huge belly as he snored and drooled all over me for approximately two hours. I think it took me almost that long to climb out of the tub...

So, yeah... I'll chalk that one up to Worst.Weekend.Ever. and hope that this week continues to improve.


Sincerely, Jenni said...

So sorry for your loss, and to have a sick kiddo made it even more stressful. Sounds like you took it all in stride. Glad you made it through the weekend. :-)

Nerdmama said...

Oh my goodness. You poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'm sure you did a wonderful job with the eulogy.

Also--your poor son! Having a bad fever is no fun at all. I've only ever had one bad enough to be delirious, but it was one of the most terrifying things I can remember. Although I have to admit, "I have to clean the trees" is... kind of funny.

I hope next week goes a lot better for you!