Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ring, Ring... Ring, Ring...

Most pregnant women report that they are the victim of insanely vivid dreams throughout pregnancy.  I am no different.  Some of my dreams have been amusing, some sad, and some terrifying.

Last night's dream left me feeling very frustrated for no particular reason other than I was frustrated in the dream.  I hate waking up in an emotional state that is incongruous to how the day actually starts.

I dreamed that the phone was ringing, ringing, ringing and going repeatedly to voice mail as I was helping Violet in the bathroom.  Scott was apparently standing right next to the phone and refusing to answer it.  For some reason, the voice mail was piped through an amazing network of speakers run through my house, so I could hear the callers leaving messages.

First, it was my OB, saying "Please call the office."

Then it was my mother-in-law calling to say, "Your OB called and needs you to call her office."

Then the OB called back, again asking me to "Call the office."

Then my mother called to tell me, "Your OB called and wants you to call her office."

Finally, the OB called one last time.  As she was leaving the message, I was begging, crying, pleading with Scott to answer the phone because it was IMPORTANT!  And he still didn't. 

At that point, Milo stirred us from sleep for the day.  I don't know what the OB was calling about and I was vaguely resentful of my hubby for not answering the phone in my dream.  Poor guy, I'm just glad I realized that dream frustration doesn't equal real life crazy-hormonal nastiness on my part.

But, seriously, how hard is it to answer the phone for your pregnant wife??

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