Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Having a Larger Family (and I don't mean weight)

I have been very fortunate that everyone we have told about the twins has been congratulatory and excited for us.  Apparently there are people in the world who might not be, people who hear that you're having more than that magical number of two children and feel that they need to remind you that you're having more than the "prescribed" number. 

"Doncha know that's what birth control is for?"

"Didn't they teach you how babies are made?"

"Better you than me!"

Well, yeah, it is better that it's me instead of you if you're going to have a lousy attitude like that.  Is it really anyone else's business if we choose to have a happy, healthy, robust larger family?  Our children are loved and thriving.  They are bright, polite, and happy to be a part of our world. 

I have three siblings.  Scott has three siblings.  And there's nary a criminal in the bunch -- we're all responsible adults, making our own way in the world and passing along the love we felt from our parents to our children.

So, if anyone ever tries to suggest to me that we've bitten off more than we can chew, here's my answer: our love was too large for just two children.  Our hearts have room, our home has room, and our family has room to accommodate four children.  Yes, I know that the first couple of years will be rough.  I know that I will have times when I am overwhelmed.  But I also know that the joy will far outweigh the stress, that when my kids are grown they will have friends in their siblings -- like I do, like Scott does.  That they will learn that love multiplies exponentially and their parents cherish them always.

And can you imagine the fun of a dozen grandkids?  I can...  very easily...


WildThingsMom said...

My favorite is: You have your hands full! @@

I love your large family. =)

Maggie said...

I have a six year old daughter and twin 6 mos old boys...what a shock when we found out. I think my daughter was more difficult than the twins so definitely, you can do it! Challenging - yes! Rewarding - beyond! I really enjoy your blog and just recently started my own to document my own crazy life. (

introthoughts said...

four was never too many for us!! I know you and Scott will be wonderful and enriched--who cares what others think. Perhaps they are jealous that you have what it takes to make a larger family work. Never would change a thing and 8 wonderful grandchildren 6 and under isn't bad either!!