Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mommy Brag, Part 2

And now the brag on child #2.  Our Violet. 

She is definitely a girl of her own mind -- if she's got a plan, she is stinking to it.  Miss V. is easily the most unflappable child I have ever met, she frequently encounters obstacles with a "That's OK...  I'll do it this way instead" attitude.  Her pace going through life is entirely her own, she seems unhurried and unharried by anyone else's urgency, including mine.  This doesn't mean she's disagreeable, on the contrary, she is dependably pleasant.  But clearly functioning on her own timetable.

Oh, little sweetheart... she is affectionate, kind, and a true lover of animals.  Everywhere she goes, she attracts them like a mini-Dr. Doolittle.  Uncommonly gentle, she is the first to offer a pat or a compliment to someone's pet, her little hands knowing just how to rub between doggy ears and just how to play with a cat.

My baby girl possesses an unusual sense of humor, frequently laughing at jokes without prompting, and gently chiding herself when she is clumsy or goofy.  And goofy?  Never met a kid who enjoys being silly as much as she does -- harmlessly, daintily, creatively silly she is.

I anticipate that her motivation will come largely from within, she is generally unconcerned by the opinion of others, even her parents.  This is one kid that will not succumb to a guilt trip.  Nor will she let anyone push her around. 

All in all, I think she has a great personality, particularly for a kid who will soon be a middle child.  She leaves quite an impression on everyone she meets and will always be a stand-out in my eyes.  Love you, sweet pea!


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