Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blooming in the Garten of Children

I feel like I have to do a little bragging on my firstborn.  When he's not trying to convince me that he knows more than I do about, well, everything, he's a pretty darn neat kid.

As I dropped him off at school one morning, he wanted me to walk him to his classroom and help him with something in his backpack.  So I did.  And his teacher came close to the door just as I zipped it back up and handed him the object for which he was looking. 

"Thank you, mom!" he beamed, hugging me before sashaying into his classroom.

"His manners are outstanding," his teacher said.  "He is incredibly consistent with great manners."

"Thank you, we work on it a lot at home."

"Well, he's just great," she enthused.

Hearing something like that really helps validate our choice to send him to Kindergarten this year as a young five.  Many of his classmates are already six and most of the rest will turn six before the end of the year.  Milo won't be six until late June.  We felt very strongly that he was more than ready academically for Kindergarten, but were less sure if he was socially ready.

But something happened this summer.  He grew confidence, enthusiasm, and an amazing sense of self.  Right now, all is right in his world -- his emotional development has, at least for now, caught up with his intellectual development.  I think that they were at odds last year and that caused him some stress. 

So, yeah, proud mama alert.  But every kid needs a shout-out, right?

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