Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Some People Should Not Breed...

I am about to tell you about an overheard remark, one that has been sitting on my brain for the last couple of months.  I keep coming back to it in utter disbelief, like one might look at an oddity in a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum.

One day, the hubster and I were enjoying a lunch on the town, just the two of us.  We decided to stop at a sushi restaurant and indulge in some tasty morsels.  We ended up seated within earshot of two men, both dressed in business-wear. 

I promise that I was not eavesdropping.  Our table was very close to theirs and one of the men, in particular, had a very loud and clear speaking voice. 

At first, Scott and I tried to talk around him.  But eventually, the xenophobic rant he was spewing became far too entertaining to ignore.  We are the exact opposite of xenophobic around here, so getting a glimpse into a close-minded mindset is always an education.  He tried to rally his colleague around issues such as, "What if I don't want my tax dollars funding a library that I don't use?"  His tone was fairly good-natured, but his colleague wasn't really buying it, at least as far as I could tell.

And then he dropped the bomb that inspired this post.  "The best thing about having kids is being able to go to kids movies and not feel like a pedophile."

THAT is the best thing about having kids?  THAT???!!!???

It's not sweet sticky kisses?  Not the joy of watching a baby discover his/her world?  Not thee feeling of pride you get when your child accomplishes something he/she has been working toward for months?  Not the overwhelming sense of love and peace you feel as a child drops off in your arms? 

Nope.  According to this fella, it's not feeling like a perv for watching a Pixar movie in the movie theatre.  Such an astounding display of maturity, so thoughtful, well-examined, and intuitive.  Why do women have children with "men" like this?  I have never understood the appeal of an adult with the emotional capability of a goldfish.  My five-year-old son could give you better reasons for starting a family.

I realize that not every child is born into a situation where both parents are ready and willing to grow up.  And that many immature parents really DO mature quickly once their kids are born.  And this isn't a comment on young parents, because Mr. Superdad looked to be at least my age, which isn't really young.  I've known plenty of young parents who have done a super job being parents and raising their kids.

But, seriously, would you ever consider the BEST reason to have kids is to feel legitimate while sitting in a movie theatre and watching a kids movie?

I wonder if his kids know that he's just using them for cover...


vanita said...

honey i've overheard a mama say the best thing about having a baby is that the government will let you collect welfare and not look for work until the youngest baby is a toddler.
and then she added that she'd keep having them just for that.
some people should not breed. as a matter of fact some people should keep their legs closed and go look for a job if they think that's what babies are for.

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

WOOOW... that is insane. i dont understand that mindset either. guarantee you he didnt have the most fun childhood.

i hope he grows up before he has children!

Rhonda Schrock said...

Unbelievable. Oh, my. There are no words.