Thursday, July 8, 2010

Star Wars: In Concert -- A Magical Memory in the Making

Wanna know what can make a newly-minted five-year-old boy and his daddy almost-pee-your-pants excited?

Star Wars: In Concert

We gave Milo (and us) tickets to see this for his birthday.  Of course, handing a five-year-old tickets is not a treat, so we showed him the webpage, too.  That made more of an impact.  We'd been holding the tickets for months, but only revealed the gift on his birthday.  Then, after several celebrations, he had mostly forgotten about the event.

So last night we left Violet with a sitter and set off for the show.  My Eagle Scout and former West Point Cadet hubby did manage to get us lost on the way -- so not surprising to anyone who knows him.  Our unexpected detour made us a wee bit late, so he dropped us off in front of the arena and set out to park the car while we went in to get seats. 

My little Jedi and I made a pit stop in the restroom just outside the arena entrance.  It was while we were in a stall that we heard the opening strains of the Star Wars theme -- Milo started bouncing, his face glowing with excitement, "I hear it, mom!  I hear it!  Flush and wash so we can go in!"  And I did, scurrying out the door in pursuit of my Darth Vader shirted babe.  We were ushered to our seats before the opening number finished and only had to climb over three people to get to them.  We listened to the last half of the piece, Milo glued to my side and gripping my arm because that was the only way he wasn't floating up to the ceiling.

As the applause crested, Milo clapped furiously.  The crowd cheered loudly as the conductor paused before starting the next number.  Then a spotlight picked up an impeccably costumed narrator as he took center stage.  I whispered in Milo's ear, "Look!  Who do you think that is?"

"I dunno...  who is he?"

"That's Anthony Daniels, the man who played C-3PO!"

"Wow!  He doesn't look like a droid..."

Just then, the second number started.  We listened intently until Scott finally joined us, arriving with popcorn and lemonade.  I told Milo, "Tell daddy who was on stage!"

Milo looked confused, then leaned over and said...

Are you ready for it?

What did he say?

Did he say "C-3PO?"


He said, "Harry Potter!"

I started laughing and Scott looked utterly confused.  And it was in this moment that Anthony Daniels again took the stage.  And I watched my husband go from an utterly confused adult to a thrilled and disbelieving five-year-old boy himself.  He sat up straight as an arrow, his slack-jawed awe apparent as he stammered, "Anth...Anthony Daniels!  It's Anthony Daniels!  C-3PO!" and a bit of additional gibberish.

You see, though he was the one who had researched the performance, the one who had suggested the tickets, the one who had ordered the tickets and had driven us in a round-about way to the show -- he didn't realize that Anthony Daniels was traveling along with the 100 piece orchestra to each performance.  He thought the narration was to be canned.  But it wasn't.

And that is how I will now have the most wonderful memory of the boys I love the most in this whole world as they both sat there, staring apoplectic-ally at the stage, both thrilled beyond belief, both magically transported, both basking in the glow of their favorite music as it was conducted by a man who vaguely resembled Harry Potter (as in he had dark wavy hair and round glasses). 


KellyLane said...

How nice of Harry Potter to come along. LOL! That story was absolutely adorable!

Betsy said...

Aww, what a sweet story! It seems there's so little "magic" left once you get to be "all growed up", it's awesome when it happens. :)

Bethany@ImperfectMom said...

That's cute! My husband and son would have loved that, too.

chgomomx3 said...

I so <3 you!

Sarah said...

Jared is definitely jealous... :) Sounds like a great time!