Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Little Moonbeam

Ahh, long weekend...  How I needed you!

Since I am now a part-time employee, I have my afternoons work-free.  That's not to say that I'm not working, because we all know that chasing hooligans and taking care of a house is work, but I'm not at my office working int he afternoons any more.

My new schedule kicked in last Thursday, but due to medical obligations (Milo's 5-year well-child check), I worked a whopping two hours that day.  And Friday morning FLEW by.  Friday afternoon brought many relatives and a bonfire.  Saturday was a trip back to my hometown to spend the day with my mom and the night and Sunday with my dad.  Yesterday was a lunch out with a friend who is moving to the Pacific Northwest, grocery shopping, and rain avoidance.

Which brings me to today!  I left the house shortly after my lil man woke up, but not before he started asking about playing the Nintendo.  And completely before my lil miss woke up -- all I saw of her this morning was a mop of bed-head and he little pink-jammied bum sticking up in the air as she slept.  Which is the cutest thing ever, by the way.

Violet has been showing off her sense of humor lately.  She's got a silly streak eight-miles wide running through her.  She often speaks in silly voices, uses goofy facial expressions, and sings random phrases.  Including a song she made up the other night, "I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!  I'm aliiiiiiiiiiive! Alive! Alive! Alive!  Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!"  There are no other words to this song.  I think she thinks she's alive, huh?

Miss V has the uncanny ability to laugh at herself.  As a toddler.  To recognize that she does silly things or makes clumsy mistakes and chuckle.  Don't most kids get all grumpy and embarrassed over stuff like that?  Not my baby girl.  She thinks the strangest things are funny -- for example, last night she was eating dinner and suddenly broke out in a full-on guffaw because she had not one but TWO tortellini on her spoon.  Comedy genius?  I dunno, but certainly funny enough to make her laugh at herself.  Loudly.  And while I was on the phone with my mother.  A strange one she is...

I actually love this about her.  I love that she doesn't need an adult to cue her to laugh at things she finds funny.  I love that her general countenance is smiling, that her sweet indescribable eyes always twinkle with delight.  That her first reaction to most new situations is positive.  That she is completely capable of entertaining herself fully all by herself, though we do play with her and read to her and enjoy her nearly every moment of every day.

I am so darn glad for my little moonbeam every day...
     You are my moonbeam, my little moonbeam.
     You make me happy when skies are dark.
     You'll never know, dear, how much I love you.
     Please don't take my moonbeam away...


vanita said...

awww, this is so sweet. i reserve the sunshine song for my natasha because she certainly brightens every minute of my day. Totally love your blog.Had to give you an award.

Rhonda Schrock said...

I adore bedheads. There's an actual local chapter of the Bedhead Club right here at my house. Mr. Schrock is the president.