Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uncle Furry

Little brother has a first name,
It's U-N-C-L-E.

Little brother has a second name,
It's F-U-R-R-Y.

We love to see him any time,
And if you ask me why, I'll saaaaay...
'cuz Uncle Furry has a way
With Lego blocks and princess dolls!

I have written this little ode to my youngest sibling, Uncle Furry, nicknamed thus because he's part man, part wookiee.  You see, he's held his vote for my blog in the Scholastic contest hostage until I post about him.

Normally, mama don't negotiate with the terrorists, but I just couldn't find any muscle to rough him up and get him to behave on such short notice.  And he works with a bunch o' people who sit at computers each day and who might be willing to take 22 seconds to click through an vote for me.

My kids adore Uncle Furry.  He's big and cuddly and like to play with them and their toys.  He's also their only uncle or aunt who doesn't have any kids yet, which means he's not so tired from chasing after his own rugrats to play with mine.  Which means that when he comes to visit, the kid are so occupied that I can actually use the bathroom  It's just so novel and wonderful!

Uncle Furry is getting married next summer and both kids have been invited to be in the wedding.  Naturally, as soon as Violet heard that she would get to wear a princess dress, she enlisted without hesitation.  Milo was a little bit more reluctant, but finally agreed once the signing bonus of getting to swim at the hotel pool was waved in front of his nose, the chlorine calling to him from afar.

So, Uncle Furry...  Thank you for pineapples, the bottle of Mad Dog that you gave Scott (we're letting it age until your wedding), and for enabling solitary trips to the bathroom.  And all of the other kind and generous stuff you do.  And for bringing Aunt Furry into our lives, because she's neat-o!


Pootypants said...

Awww... We have an Uncle Furry too, but we call him Michael. Uncles are the best-est sometimes. My kids got to see ALL the Pokemon movies and I didn't have to. How awesome is THAT?

parenting ad absurdum said...

Sweet! I'm jealous, we're terribly short on uncles. Love the new look, by the way.

Erin said...

we have some great uncles around, too, but no cool nicknames for them!