Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunshine, Lillipops...

Hello!  If you're checking me out from the Ultimate Blog Party 2010, here's my party post!  

It is Sunday morning, and I'm awake at 6:37 for no real reason, so here's some Sunday fun!

This week, the kids and I took advantage of an unusual day off for me and went to lunch with a friend and her children.  Her daughter is in Milo's preschool class and er son is about 6 months younger than Violet.  After an enjoyable and humorous lunch, we walked with the kids the three and a half blocks to the preschool.  Well, we walked.  Milo and his friend ran up the street, stopping appropriately to wat for us at corners, giggling and holding hands, swinging their connected limbs like a jump rope.

They were so blissfully innocent, all pink-cheeked and shiny-eyed.  They looked timeless darting up the street -- this could have been me and my friend or even my grandparents holding hands and skipping.

Our town is pretty sleepy, but there were a few other people out for a stroll on a lovely spring day, including a couple of city workers, who happened to pass the kids just as Milo pulled ahead, calling over his shoulder, "Missed me!  Missed me!  Now you gotta kiss me!"  The city workers chuckled and smiled at them, clearly as charmed as we were.

The kids had so much joy, so much energy, so much life that they may as well been trailing a rainbow wake behind them, maybe one with unicorns and butterflies dancing along...  What a magical spring moment!

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