Thursday, April 29, 2010

Juicy Secrets

So, the other day, Scott says to me,"My mom said she liked the picture of the chickens."

I said, "Oh, good!  I thought it was pretty cute."

"You know, she reads your blog." 

He said this like it was breaking news.  I blinked.  "Yep.  So does her sister.  And my sister.  And maybe some other family, too.  I don't say anything unflattering, I promise."

"Oh, I'm not worried about that.  I don't care what you say, I haven't read you blog in forever.  Since the 2008 election."

And that pleasant and nonchalant exchange, I believe, equals permission to write about whatever I'd like to write about.  That I secretly wish I was three inches taller.  Or that my daughter ran around last night with just one pigtail in.  That I think Brad Pitt is a terrible actor.  Or that I think dark chocolate is da bomb.

It's just too damn bad I have no juicy secrets...

1 comment:

Cop Mama said...

Ha! Now that is pretty funny!

I had something similar happen to me. Out of the blue the other day, my sister in law said, "Hey, by the way, I finally got a chance to read your blog." Um, what? I didn't even know she knew about it but apparently my DH told her. Thank goodness I don't really write anything negative, but still, a bit of a shock! :-)