Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

So it's Superbowl Sunday. What are you doing?

I'm listening to my kids play with Play-Doh. Well, more like listening to them squabble about wanting to use the same implement on the Play-Doh. Scott is at a tech rehearsal, and I am finishing up the last load of laundry in the house. Snow is sifting down over the landscape and it is white and quiet out here.

It's been a nice relaxing weekend -- Grandma and Grandpa made it back here for the first time since the day we moved, so Scott and I ran around like rabid squirrels cleaning yesterday before they arrived. When combined with the manic rushing I'd done Friday night, this pretty much took care of most of the cleaning I do on the weekend, so yay for that!

So what did I do with my spare time this weekend? I could lie and say that I started painting another room, but I didn't. I could say that I finished the curtains in my parlor, but I didn't. I could say that I started hanging the photos that are stacked neatly on the floor along the walls in the upstairs hallway, but I didn't.

I read a book.

It's been a while, but I felt like reading. Reading always makes me feel the tug to write, so I'll admit to wandering around, silently narrating my life for a few days after reading a good book. Does anyone else do that?

Anyway, that's what's up around here. I'm making beef stew and crescent rolls for supper tonight. We're not into football, but we can still have a SOUPer bowl tonight. Ha ha ha!

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