Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please remind me...

Please remind me not to giggle too much when my darling daughter is happily splashing around in the tub and she toots, happily exclaiming, "Mom! I blew bubbles from my bum!"

Please remind me that there are, in fact, days easier than yesterday. Milo had a tough afternoon -- he engaged in some out-of-character behavior that both appalled and embarrassed him, particularly when the other preschoolers at daycare recounted the story to everyone who came in the door after school and at pick-up time. I think the poor child cried for three hours yesterday. And then again this morning when he was still so embarrassed that he didn't want to go to daycare. I don't think he'll be making the choice to misbehave in a similar way again. He was so crushed that he's disappointed us and he felt tremendously guilty for a very long time. I just simply didn't have enough hugs to make him feel better.

Please remind me that driving in a snowstorm in Iowa is really not fun. I had my first rehearsal for the play in which I was, in fact, cast. It went pretty well, but it was held at a location 45 minutes from my house. Yes, this is s play for the community theatre in which I live. Which is eight minutes from my house. Thankfully, everyone attending was thrilled that I can reserve rooms on the campus where I work, so all remaining rehearsals will be held eight minutes from my house. Oh, the driving? Well, apparently there was a power outage in my town shortly after I left home last night. Driving back to my house, I was totally blind because the streetlight which marks the start of our gravel road wasn't lit. I did make the turn, but holy cow is it dark in the country in Iowa at night during a snowstorm! I arrived home just as Scott was turning the generator off because the power had come back on two minutes before I pulled up.

Finally, please remind me that it's OK that Violet hasn't nursed for over a week. She asked to nurse in the middle of the night last night, I told her that the milk was all gone, then felt guilty about it and brought her into the bed to snuggle. Tell me I haven't ruined the child, because I really enjoyed smelling her strawberry scented head and kissing her cheek as she curled up in my armpit, dozing on and off, and reaching up to pet my hair, whispering, "Pwetty hair, mommy..." A mom could get used to that...

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