Monday, February 8, 2010


I submitted Milo's name to the elementary school so that he can be included in Kindergarten Round-Up information.


When I picked him up from preschool today, he was smiling and happy, full of hugs and excited to show me his craft. All of the other mothers were walking down the hall, waiting for their kids, and leaving with them and Milo and I were in the hallway, braced against the wall, digging through his backpack for his Valentine's Day headband. He was proud of it and wanted to show me. His teacher came into and out of the doorway dismissing kids three times before Milo and I finally exited the hallway.

But not before he gave me an extra hug, whispering, "Mom, I love you one-hundred-and-fifty-two." That's the magical number for him -- the most is always 152, no matter what. And I think he takes my breath away 152 times a day, at least.

152. It's a good number, doncha think?


Heretic Tom said...

That's fantastic. 152! Priceless.

IASoupMama said...

Apparently, he's upped the ante. Now he professed to love me 1003 while we were at the Olive Garden last night.