Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I seem to be posting a lot about Violet right now. I think it's because she's hitting a real explosion in language development right now. That and she's the second child, so I feel the need to spread some glory to her instead of focusing so much on Milo's milestones, ya know?

Anyway, here are some of the cute things Miss Vivi has said lately:

"Wha happened?" with her arms up, shoulders shrugged like she's looking around after a tornado blew threw. She looks completely bewildered, eyes wide and everything. This is said frequently after loud noises, crashes, close-calls with falling objects, and outbursts from her brother. Her, "bwuh-nuh," that is.

"Up-ere!" or "Uppy!" I think she's saying up here, as in pick me up here where you are. Always said with arms stretched up and usually with legs trying to climb, too.

"Nertz" or "nursss" or "nuhssss" for nurse. At my "bets", of course.

Those bendy things in your arms? "Eh-boos." The caterpillar-y things above your eyes? "Eye-bows."

Our pets? "Poppy!" pant, pant. Yes, she pants every time. Sometimes she says "doggie" clear as a bell, but it is still followed by two pants. She correctly identifies "Mona" (Mocha) and "Tess" (Tess).

Time to go somewhere? "Bye-bye! See you!" and then I "buck-uh" her in to her "seat." Sometimes she wears a "jack-eet" when she goes "'side" to play, too.

When she wants to run around naked, she insists, "My potty!" so you'll help her with her diaper, since she can get un-"dessed" by herself. She does this both when she's getting ready for a bath and when she just thinks clothing should be optional, though she is very good about "wasss"-ing her hands and using wipes/wet Kleenex to clean the house.

When she's hungry, she'll always ask for a "nack" so she can "eatit" with her "wadah." She likes me to sit "right-here" on the couch, sometimes she'll be "back" if she gets down to do something. Usually to bring me a "bebe" -- often "Si-cella" (Cinderella) or a "bick" (book) about "Pee Bear" (Pooh Bear).

And the rest of the time, who knows what she's saying....

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