Monday, January 12, 2009

Well, poop!

Miss Violet has been under the weather. She vomited twice on Thursday night, but has had pretty bad diarrhea since then, though she's also got a good case of "boob-in-the-mouth-itis" and is not dehydrated in the least. Today she's only pooped once and it was much more solid than it has been, so I think she's fine to go to daycare tomorrow, yay!

Anyway, Scott's in a town about 85 miles away for the opera -- this is the same company that was flooded out this summer and they ended up taking a huge loss, so they are remounting an opera from a couple of years ago, but they had to move it to a different theatre -- 85 miles away instead of 20 miles away. With the late hours, there's no way Scott can commute, so he's up there until Thursday. Violet was too poopy yesterday for me to send her to daycare, so I took Milo to the sitter's and brought Vivi to work with me for a few hours this morning. Leaving the house almost on time was the EASY part this morning.

There's a blizzard, so it's snowing like mad out there and the temps are supposed to plummet tonight. Violet and I work for about a hour and a half before she conks out on my lap. I'm able to work another half an hour that way, which is fine. Why is it necessary that I get in to work with a sick kid on my lap? One of my bosses has resigned her position effective next Thursday. So, I gots lots to do!

Anyway, I bundled Violet up in the stroller like we're mushing across Alaska and we get into my office and get a bunch of stuff done, then I bundle her up and trudge across campus in the two inches of snow that have already fallen and make a delivery, then we hike back to my office and pack up for the morning. I know I'd be pushing her limits to have her there for longer than 3 1/2 or 4 hours.

At this point, I realize that there will likely be a snow emergency called, so I swing by the house while I only have one child with me and move Scott's car off of our street and onto a non-emergency route side street. Run back up the hill to get to Violet and drive to the sitters to pick up Milo. Sitter offers to keep Violet since she hasn't pooped yet and wasn't running a fever, but I'm exhausted by this point and think it will be easier to just go home NOW and hole up rather than try to get back out later after another four inches of snow has fallen... The kids and I park at the bottom of the hill and climb back up to our house and now both of them are napping.

All the while I am silently cursing Scott for abandoning me with a sick kid, an urgent situation at work, and a snow storm. Until I call him to find out how things are up North and he sounds like hell -- because he's been up all night vomiting. Now he can just stay up there until he's feeling better -- I have no need for more germs, thank you very much!

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