Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gone, Gone, Gone...

My sweet Scotty is on his way to New York City. I will miss him a lot. I like snuggling with him at the end of the day, my ear resting on his chest, his breathing and warmth lulling me to sleep. I am at home in his arms, his familiar touch is soothing and grounding. Come home soon, my love!

We took the kids to vote this morning. Milo put our ballots into the machines for us and I took part in the exit poll -- I think that may end up counting more than my actual vote. When you hear early results from Iowa, that's me! And I do mean early as I was the last person that was polled from our precinct and it was 7:45 AM when they polled me.

I hope that maybe in the next election I will have the time to volunteer to attend the state convention and help shape and ratify the party platform. I would love to attend a national convention before I die, too. Since having children, I am feeling like I need to make more noise and move the country in the way that I want to raise my children.

The next two weeks are going to be long -- today will be exciting and I am sure that the excitement will make the time fly by, perhaps tomorrow, too. But then it's going to set in that I am the only adult in the house, unless you count the thumb-less wonders, Mocha and Tess. And I don't think that they have the skills, desire, or knowledge to care for the kids. I can't even imagine one of the mutts trying to change Violet's diaper... And dinner wouldn't get on the table because they'd have eaten it. They don't really help clean, either...

Anyway, I hugged my darling Scotty a long time this morning. I was trying to convert some of his energy into an affection battery since I'll be on the giving end of all the affection for a while -- I wanted to store some of it for tonight, when I'll be watching Barack Obama make history as our sweet babes slumber, unperturbed by politics, dreaming of child-like wants (Star Wars guys and boobs, no doubt). I'm sure that one of the dogs will be curled up at my side on the couch, but they pay no heed to the media. I'll imagine him reclining on his hotel room bed, hearing the sound of metropolitan traffic as he scans CNN online and watches CNN for that moment when the election is called and we turn the page in the history of America. He's likely to be munching on Starburst candy and sitting there in his pajama shorts with the waist twisted ever-so-slightly off of his center line. I hope that his thoughts drift back towards us, back towards home and towards our very long hug this morning when the world was a different place.

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