Friday, January 15, 2010

Please remind me...

Please remind me that driving in a small town during the winter can be dangerous even when the roads are pretty clear. Remind me of this when I'm on a street that normally has two lanes, but currently doesn't because of the gray mountainscape of snow plowed into the gutter. Remind me of this when, as I'm returning from dropping Milo off after preschool, an oblivious college student turns down the street in the opposite direction of the one that I'm moving and doesn't yield the right-of-way as she should to me. Why should she yield? She's the one driving on the side of the road on which parking is allowed. And there was room at the top of the hill for her to slide in just behind the last parked car until I could pass. Did she? Nope. Did I drive up a snow bank to avoid hitting her, feeling a little bit like Luke Duke? Yep. Did she notice me staring at her through my driver's side window, mouth agape as she blew past me and my crazily tilted car? I wouldn't be posting this if she had.

Please remind me that eating healthy really DOES help you lose weight. Remind me of this when I have eaten nothing but lean protein and vegetables for a week, avoiding processed sugar of any kind and skipping grains in favor of foods with higher nutritional and fiber content. Hello broccoli bed-time-snack! Remind me of this when I pass up anything resembling a dessert -- even forgoing licking my daughter's yogurt spoon before I load the dishwasher. Remind me of this when, six days later, I step on the scale and have GAINED a pound. I didn't even gain over the holidays when I was eating all of the tasty food! What gives? I just ate a Reece's PB Heart in protest...

Please remind me that it is Friday, because apparently people on campus don't realize this. I leave work for a moment to pick Milo up from preschool and take him back to the sitters. I'm only gone for about ten minutes and left campus at the same time classes were ending for the week. And when I get back, not only is the parking space I vacated filled, but the other two empty ones are, too. What faculty/staff person comes to campus at 3:15 on a Friday afternoon after classes are finished? Not only what ONE person does this, but what THREE people do this?

Please remind me that I can make it through this weekend. Scott will be in Kansas City this weekend, back on Sunday night. Last night was a disaster. He was so exhausted from opening the opera that he was practically non-existent. We managed to get the kids down, or so we thought, as Violet stirred and got whiny not once, but twice before we made it to bed. Then baby sex. Then a little sleep, which was interrupted when there was a crash downstairs at 12:30. The dogs had knocked over the baby gate. Since I was up, I let them out and Tess apparently left her brain int he snow, because she got herself all tangled to the point where she couldn't get to the house. So I put on the only shoes I can find (Scott's) and got out in the cold in my pajamas to free her. Only she doesn't take my advice, she stands there. She's so big, I can't move her (imagine pushing a cow), so I try to guide her from under the deck only to have her suddenly figure out what I'm doing, dart forward and knock me on my bum in the snow. In my pajamas at 12:30 a.m.

If you think that was the end of the night's issues... 2:30 a.m. there is a huge clunk from Violet's room and I think Milo has fallen out of bed, so I practically fly in there to discover him retrieving his water cup. The cup had fallen, not the child. However, the child had drained the cup and was sleepily asking for more. So I stumble to the bathroom and fill his cup. When I bring it back to him, he is, naturally, sound asleep. I go back to bed. 3:30 a.m. and Violet is shouting something incoherent, possibly about Perry the Platypus. I sit up in bed with my face in my hands and try to decide if I need to check on her. Silence. Thank goodness! Although, when I lie back down in bed, Scott wants to snuggle. I feel very selfish, but all I wanted was to be left alone for the 2.5 hours until my alarm goes off. Plus, my winter itchy skin has me doing a crazy dance in the bed and I'm hot and, finally after all of my squirming, he rolls over and sleeps on his other side. Yeah, I feel bad about that.

Please remind me that it is possible for adults to have skin issues, particularly women who have that whole weaving-dance-of-hormones-thing going on. Remind me of this when I develop a huge zit near the right side of my lower lip. Remind me of this when said zit doesn't become a blackhead or a whitehead, but a painful swollen lump that hurts when I open my mouth to shove in a head of lettuce and some turkey taco meat. Remind me of this when, tonight after the kids got to bed (hopefully, c'mon Violet!) and it's just me and the zit alone in the dark.

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Heretic Tom said...

I will also remind you that you are a great writer and that you deserve a big gay hug!